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Review of Chinese Cyber Security Threat

March 19th, 2013

In a recent study revealed by New York Times, a leading International Security Consulting Firm, Incident Management Group, Inc. (IMG) will be reviewing a corporate security policy in China. It is due to the fact that a computer security threat has been found, posed by Chinese hackers.

This had led IMG to examine Chinese cyber security and computer security for global corp. The New York based news agency, highlighted a report released by Mandiant, another cyber security firm, which focussed on the attempts by the Chinese military to conduct such cyber attacks on The States (US) and some western companies. It has been suspected that these Chinese hackers, especially those associated with military, targeting western firms in order to obtain intellectual property and technology, for years. Despite this article, added weight to the growing suspicion and drawn attention to all the hacking groups around the world, including China. In response to this, IMG is looking for ways to enhance the computer security, cyber security posture as well as to monitor data theft protection of its client partners by enforcing effective data security policies and ensuring full disk encryption for the computer protection.

In light of the news article about western organisations being the target of the Chinese hackers, IMG is planning to conduct a cyber security review to see how full disk encryption can be done and cyber security posture can be increased to implement data security policy. However, for IMG computer protection for data security must be overlooked as an element of institution’s computer security and cyber security framework. Given that the hacking groups have military as well as state support, it is critical for organisation to take a 360 degree view of data security. By doing so, they will ease threats, that are posed by Chinese hackers.

It is possible that either to take advantage of China’s position as a leading global manufacturing base or their growing  business economy, many large corporations are eager to be present, as a target for sales and marketing efforts in the Chinese market. in either cases, Companies need to have a robust encryption software or data security program who are carrying their business with/ in China. n this growing digital technology world, it is paramount to have an active computer security software protection for companies and that should be based on an active evaluation of all data security risks. Physical data security, such as employee access can be a gateway to cyber attacks, hacking and crime; as well as vice-versa.

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