Tallahassee Community College

Security breach of student data at Community College

March 15th, 2013

The Tallahassee Community College officials announced on Friday, about an unauthorized acquisition of computerized data on their systems. The recently occurred data breach at the community college may put previous data security, confidentiality, or integrity of personal information in jeopardy. In a recent notification disclosed by the federal officials, the administration of the Tallahassee College was told of the occurred data breach. The investigation carried out by the federal officials, resulted in the conviction of a Miami, Florida man on submitting false claims to the Internal Revenue Service and on the charge of access device fraud as well as of the aggravated personal identity theft. This attempt can be overlooked in the presence of a data security.

“TCC values the protection of private information, so we take this matter very seriously,” said a TCC Chief of Police David Hendry. He continued, “We have identified the group of individuals whose information may have been compromised, and we will immediately begin the process of contacting each one.”

According to Hendry, it is believed by the college officials that the occurred data breach has occurred internally and affects more than approximately 3,000 individuals. The investigation into the occurred data breach will be ongoing. Also, personalized letters by TCC will be mailed to the persons who are potentially affected by the occurred data breach. The letters will contain the details regarding what steps can be taken by the individuals to make sure the security of their identities; TCC will also provide additional resources, including a TCC hotline to provide further information.

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