Heart Group suffers computer breach

June 2nd, 2015


New York’s Buffalo Heart Group, LLP suffered data breach which potentially affected 500 to 600 patients. The exposed information includes patient names, dates of birth, addresses, telephone numbers, e-superbills, and appointment schedules. However, Social Security numbers, health information and financial information were not included.

“The recently completed internal investigation indicated insider wrongdoing resulted in the access of certain health information by unnamed third parties operating under the direction of a physician then associated with the medical practice and used by the physician to solicit patients in connection with the physician’s new employment,” according to a statement by the law firm Hurwitz-Fine that was published by WKBW Buffalo.

According to the statement:

The medical practice is working with the NYS Department of Health, Office of Professional Medical Conduct, on the matter, but emphasized that the computer system is secure, there has been no unauthorized access since June, 2014 and that it is unlikely that any precautionary or preventative measures are required to be taken by affected individuals.

Buffalo Heart Group has begun sending patient notification letters this week to affected individuals and has notified the federal Department of Health & Human Services.

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Drug arrest followed up Laptop theft

April 17th, 2013

There has been a robbery incident reported recently at a Magnolia pizza shop overnight has alerted a police investigation that has also led to an arrest involving steroids, heroin, and drug paraphernalia.

After Police learned something suspicious, they executed a warrant followed by Laptop theft to search the basement of a Fuller Lane residence where a person named Brook L. Faulkner, 27, lived and they found Toshiba laptop that had been stolen from Tony’s Magnolia House of Pizza, which lead to Faulkner’s arrest, according to police.

According to the police report, a window has been broken on the kitchen area of the pizza shop and he crawled inside to take out the computer, as told by Faulkner to Police. Later, he also admitted to having taken coins, which was brought to a Coin Star machine by him to to trade for cash.

It seems that Faulkner was behind the whole incident of Laptop theft. So, he’s under the store would have the Laptop encryption this theft would have been avoided by the store manager

Later on, Police recovered a metal can consistent with one which was taken from the shop, police said. During the search, they also found heroin, as well as “numerous” needle and syringes, including steroids, sodium chloride, a drug which is typically used to cure breast cancer in a very advanced stage but but also helps in aiding body building.

When the Laptop theft main convict Faulkner was taken under arrest, Police said that they found a “fresh cut” on his hand, in between his fingers which was a result of “consistent with being cut by a sharp object,” like a broken glass.

According to court’s order, the convict Faulkner faces a felony charge of breaking and entering at night with the intent to commit larceny of property and while committing malicious damage to property. He also faces new charges of heroin possession and steroid possession.

Faulkner was found accused of the criminal acts he has done by breaking into the outlet and entering at night with an intention to commit personal property theft as well as the charge of maliciously damaging the property. He is also charged with drugs possession like heroin and steroids.

Later, the stolen laptop was presented to the business owner by the Police and they identified the laptop as the stolen computer. Police also found a file photo of the pizza restaurant’s menu on the computer too and matched it with the desktop background to the background described in the initial police report. All these proves that the recovered laptop belonged to the business owner.

Faulkner, is a pro in these crimes, as he has a history record of drug charges, said police. Recently, he had been enrolled in a rehabilitation program, but according to a police report, he has been “slipped up and started using it again.”

7 years ago, in November 2006, Faulkner had pleaded guilty to heroin possession in front of the court and he was placed on a year’s probation. Later, in March of 2007, he was arrested again on a warrant and faced additional charges on possession of drugs, when arresting officers found a glass pipe with marijuana residue in his home.

According to the Times archives, most recently, in July of 2009, Faulkner was ordered to serve a year in Middleton Jail after he pleaded guilty for distributing the cocaine in downtown Gloucester.

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